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Florida Week - Soobahk40050 - 09-19-2022 01:23 PM

Gameday is coming to Knoxville for the first time since 2016. TN won in 2016 but that's their only win in the past 18 years. The oddsmakers have us at about a 10 point favorite. Napier is in his first year and this is his first road game. Neyland will be checkered.

But, Florida always brings out the worst in the Vols. I am hopeful, but also dreading another Florida loss. We really need this one. Beating Pitt indicated we were not "the same old Vols," but beating Florida would cement that.

So, talk me off the ledge or push me over. Am I going to be miserable this weekend or thrilled? [Note: I know I just used a metaphor, but I recognize the value of mental health and this is just a game. I don't mean to offend anyone.]