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@W&M - dan10 - 01-29-2019 02:12 PM

Our next game is at W&M. This kicks off our road weekend. With our loss to Delaware it would be really nice to win both of these but 1 win this weekend is a minimum if we want to avoid the play in round in N. Charleston.

W&M is just a bad matchup for us. I know we have done alright upsetting them in the past, but I never have a good feeling of beating this team. Shaver does miracles down there. Knight is going to eat our lunch. Their backdoor cutting and motion will make us look silly. Their ball movement has not been crisp this year, but I think it is still good enough against our defense. I would expect a lot of zone in this one, to limit the effect of their backdoor cuts. Make them beat us with the 3. We dared Delaware to do that, and they made us pay. I think our best shot is to do the same here. Both teams are lousy on defense so execution on the offensive side will determine this one.

DU- 75
W&M- 87

RE: @W&M - dan10 - 01-31-2019 06:06 AM

The Tribe are favored by 5 tonight

RE: @W&M - DrachenFire - 01-31-2019 10:42 AM

Feels like a game where we could give up triple digits. They're young and inexperienced like Delaware, I'd like to see us pressure them early to try and get some easy points off turnovers which will, hopefully, provide a spark to counter our typical slow starts.

RE: @W&M - dan10 - 01-31-2019 11:00 AM

Agree. Getting behind early against this team would be a bad strategy. I know we made a run against them earlier after falling way behind, but W&M recovered from our run and then buried us. We have got to get out early if we want any chance. I posted on the W&M board but games under the Spiker regime have been mixed bag against W&M. We have split with them both years and all 5 games thus far have been blowouts (>10 point differential). I do not feel good about this game, but the short history with Spiker says we should win this by double digits.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 07:46 PM

The video feed went down right before halftime, and I just checked CAA.TV and it appears that the entire domain is gone.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 07:47 PM

I couldn't see it because the video went down, but according to the ESPN game feed, Butler got a dunk with 4 seconds left. Dragons lead 38-31 at halftime.

RE: @W&M - EvanJ - 01-31-2019 08:02 PM

https://portal.stretchinternet.com/caa/portal.htm?eventId=462454&streamType=video is video that's working for me.

http://stats.statbroadcast.com/broadcast/?id=239316 has statistics. It says it's 39-31, not 38-31. Butler has 12 points, from 6-for-7 shooting, 4 rebounds, and 1 block. Wynter has 11 points from 5-for-7 shooting, 1-for-2 shooting threes, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. He's your only player with more than 1 assist. Your other three starters haven't done much. Harper has 4 points from field goals 2-for-6 and free throws 0-for 2, 0 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 fouls, and 3 turnovers. Demir has 2 points from 1-for-4 shooting, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block. John played 13 minutes without attempting a shot. He had 1 rebound, 1 assist, and at least he didn't have any fouls or turnovers. Doles has 8 of your 10 bench points. He shot field goals 2-for-3, threes 1-for-1, and free throws 3-for-3. Juric scored 2. Washington missed 1 three and didn't score. Perry didn't attempt a shot, but he blocked 1.

Chase Audige leads William & Mary with 8. Their top two scorers, Nathan Knight and Justin Pierce, both made 2 of 7 field goals and scored 5. Matt Milon, who averages exactly 3 threes made, has 4 points and missed both of his threes. They made half of their 10 threes, but made under a third of their twos at 7-for-22. There weren't made free throws attempted. You made 3 of 5 and they made 2 of 3.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 08:14 PM

And they're going through their typical collapse. Then went from up by 10 late in the 1st half to down by 5 really fast.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 08:28 PM

Dragons trailed 60-51 and were 1 point away from extending their streak of trailing by 10 or more to 10 games. Then a John 3, Butler jump shot, and Harper 3 gets Drexel to within 1, 60-59.

RE: @W&M - EvanJ - 01-31-2019 08:38 PM

You went up 63-62 to down 64-63 to up 65-64 with 3:02 left. Wynter has 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. Do you think you've ever had a freshman have a triple-double? It's hard to get 3 assists in 3:02, but maybe he will get to play overtime. Nathan Knight had 5 points and 6 rebounds in the first half, and 5 points and 6 rebounds in the first 5:33 of the second half.

RE: @W&M - jcohen42 - 01-31-2019 08:46 PM

Rough ending offensively right now.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 08:54 PM

I thought they had a chance to steal this one when they were up by 1 at the under 4 timeout. Credit WM for making some huge defensive stops down the stretch. There was no Harper magic this time. Drexel is falling fast in the standing after the last 2 losses. They have 5 of their last 8 at home. They'll probably need to win 5 out of 8 to avoid another pillow fight in the tournament.

RE: @W&M - dan10 - 01-31-2019 08:56 PM

I tuned in with just over 5 left. I feel like I jinxed the team. They climbed back in and then at that point couldnt do anything. THe Tribe zone was tough and their close outs were impressive that led to 2 blocks (On John and Demir). Tribe hit FT's down the stretch like they needed to. Defense was fine, they made tough shots, but their zone we werent good at penetrating and their close outs were really good. So we went stagnant and lost the game. Expected loss, but tough after having a lead at half and then climbing back in with momentum in our favor to then turn bad for us.

RE: @W&M - hiroshimacarp - 01-31-2019 08:57 PM

why doesn't doles play more? he can score which comes in handy at the end of games...or any time in a game for that matter.

we looked like we had never seen a zone before. they were much more aggressive at the rum but they also have guys who can finish.

RE: @W&M - dan10 - 01-31-2019 09:03 PM

With Elon beating Delaware tonight, Saturday was already important before our loss, but now is as close to a must win as possible

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 01-31-2019 09:39 PM

There's now a 5 way tie for 5th place.

RE: @W&M - EvanJ - 01-31-2019 09:46 PM

Wynter had 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. It's the third time since 2010-2011 you had a player with at least that many of all three. Tramaine Isabell had 30 points, 12 rebounds, and 9 assists on February 22, 2018. Frantz Massenat had 27 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists on January 11, 2014.

RE: @W&M - dan10 - 02-01-2019 10:50 AM

(01-31-2019 08:57 PM)hiroshimacarp Wrote:  we looked like we had never seen a zone before. they were much more aggressive at the rum but they also have guys who can finish.

This was puzzling. We looked like a Bruiser team out there late in that game against the zone. No penetration and just passing around the arc. When Cam did attempt to drive it was Harper-esque of just lowering his head and just plowing through, which generally doesnt work. Would have been much better to drive and force some defensive collapse and make the right passes. We just seemed to play into their strength late in the game after we got back into it.

Tomorrow is a cant lose game now that 5 teams are tied for 5th. We will also have to win 1 of the 2 upcoming home games over UNCW/CofC. Doable for sure, especially since UNCW is the worst defensive team in the NCAA but we will have to bring it. That loss paired with the other games last night really is putting pressure on our dragons if we want any chance at avoiding the play in round

RE: @W&M - DrachenFire - 02-01-2019 01:08 PM

Just a really disappointing outcome after a very strong first half showing. Can't continuously shoot yourself in the foot for 10-12 minutes.
Spiker is currently sporting a 2-22 record in road conference games.

RE: @W&M - J.B. - 02-01-2019 02:01 PM

(02-01-2019 01:08 PM)DrachenFire Wrote:  Spiker is currently sporting a 2-22 record in road conference games.

That's just sickening. Well at least they ended their streak of trailing by 10 or more in every conference game this year. Their largest deficit last night was only 9.