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Towson - dan10 - 01-16-2019 08:48 AM

So after the brutal stretch to start the season our schedule softens from here. We begin this stretch with 2 home games, against Towson and JMU. Both winnable, and both really need to be won if we want to challenge at the top 4.

Towson comes into this game at 1-4 in conference with their lone win over Elon. They really do not have anyone who scares you but they throw a lot of bodies at you. Some could argue bodies that don't even help them, since they choose to score on themselves, but I digress. They have 10 guy averaging at least 14 minutes a game, with their guard Brian Fobbs leading the way with 30 minutes a game. He is also their leading scorer at 16 points a game. He grabs 5.6 boards a game too, so he challenges for rebounds. As a team they average a mere 10 assists a game, so there is not a lot of sharing going on. They average 67 points a game.

This is a game that we should have a size advantage and need to take advantage of. We should be able to score against this team and with how poor they shoot/score, that should be enough to win here. I would like to see us come out and win going away, but games against them always seem to stay close.

TU- 71
DU- 78

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-17-2019 07:48 AM

We are 5 point favorites

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-17-2019 11:13 AM

I really feel like this is a game we should win without much problems. Fobbs can cause us problems, but if we can keep our guards in front of him and not get beat off of the dribble over and over again, I really do not see a threat from them that should cause us concern. Demir should be able to get easy buckets at the hoop and should stretch the defense like he normally does with some 3's. I do not think anyone will be able to stay in front of Harp or Kurk if they are driving. Settling for a bunch of 3's against this team does not seem like it would make sense. We should be able to get to the hoop, often.

RE: Towson - DrachenFire - 01-17-2019 04:54 PM

TU Off vs DU Def: Sedentary force meeting a feather in a vacuum
DU Off vs TU Def: Boulder rolling downhill meeting a wall on a near frictionless surface

I'd like to see us blow them out. Hopefully we attack the rim (they're a tick better than us there, actually pretty good defending the three). My concern would be us allowing them to get to the line keeping it close.

RE: Towson - J.B. - 01-17-2019 10:00 PM

A win is a win, but they shouldn't be putting themselves in a position to have to come back from double digits in the 2nd half, especially at home against a team like Towson.

Kurk Lee was a liability out there tonight, and it seems like he's still hurting. He was -10 in the first half, per the halftime stats that I saw. The internet box score doesn't show +/- but I think that Drexel fell behind again while Lee was in the game. Ironically, the turning point of the game may have been when Lee got hurt. He fell down and was clearly injured, but got up. Drexel decided not to stop play and was basically playing 4 on 5, when Demir scored inside and got the foul and the free throw. Then when Lee came out of the game for the remainder, Drexel really started putting the defensive stops on Towson, which allowed them to pull out the win.

Shout out goes to Jarvis Doles who really lit a spark in the 2nd half comeback with the 3 2nd half 3 pointers and the monster dunk. The technical was BS, because a Towson player seemed to hang on the rim during a 1st half dunk and wasn't called for the T.

Very poor general crowd once again, which is common for a Thursday night. I guess those $20 tickets are just way too expensive in this economy, LOL.
Good news is that the student section was packed once again, since students are back from break. I think they really helped liven up the DAC during their 2nd half comeback. I just wish they were standing up and making more of a ruckus when Towson was shooting some key free throws in the final minutes. Anyway, the students got to see a nice win for the Blueau and will be back for homecoming on Saturday.

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-18-2019 07:35 AM

I missed this one and just saw the score and box score. That is disappointing to here we fell down double digits to that team. Outside of Ali it looked like everyone struggled shooting the ball. Doles was definitely a huge surprise. If he can provide sparks and scoring out there, that would be a huge bump to our depth.

The problem I see, and I didnt see last night's game, with Kurk is he and Harp are the same player. Kurk is just smaller so he ends up forcing even more bad shots. Neither defend particularly well in man-to-man and both just want to put their head down and drive. Having 2 of those players on the floor at the same time can absolutely be a detriment. We saw that last year when we had a third player that played that same style in Isabelle. When you have 2 alphas on the court at the same time, it can lead to bad things from all parties because both want to do too much without giving in to the other, so when one is taking control the other gets frustrated so when it is their turn to take over they do poorly as well. This is why I think we have seen the success we have when Cam is paired up with Harp, or potentially Kurk. Cam has a different style so they are not conflicting with each other, which leads to a more smooth offense. Regardless we need to find a way to get all to work well together, because we everyone has noted, you cant run Wynter 40 minutes a game, he does need breaks.

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-18-2019 08:53 AM

Also to add, this was a much needed win. Winning tomorrow against JMU is also a big game. 2-4 against the schedule we faced is not a bad result. Leaving this weekend at 4-4 is crucial if we plan on avoiding the play-in round.

RE: Towson - EvanJ - 01-18-2019 02:27 PM

(01-16-2019 08:48 AM)dan10 Wrote:  They have 10 guy averaging at least 14 minutes a game
It's 9 guys because 10 includes Nicolas Timberlake, who is out for the season after playing 9 games. You were close on the margin. Lee was -8 in the first half and +7 in the second half the way I do it, for a total of -1. He was officially -3. IMO the +/- from free throws should be based on who was playing when the foul happened, not when the free throws were shot. A guy shouldn't start -2 for being subbed on and having an opponent make 2 free throws before the entering player played with the clock moving.

RE: Towson - DrachenFire - 01-18-2019 03:07 PM

Incredibly lucky Towson sucks. They missed a Bru-squadesque 13 of their attempted 19 layup attempts. They also continued the pattern of teams hitting their three's at a much better clip than accustomed to.

But a win is a win.

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-18-2019 03:44 PM

Was there a reason we wore blue last night as opposed to white, or have we been doing that all year long and I just have not noticed?

RE: Towson - DrachenFire - 01-18-2019 04:19 PM

It was the Bluau game. Remember the Gold Rush games of the past? They decided all of the empty blue seats with the gold shirts looked bad, so they switched it so everyone wears blue to better hide them.

RE: Towson - dan10 - 01-19-2019 10:49 AM

Ah gotcha.