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- RUmojo - 11-02-2002 09:44 PM

I think I saw on the ESPN ticker that Uconn was up 61 to something on FAU...what was the final score???

- JoltinJacket - 11-03-2002 04:09 AM

I think it ended up 61-14. :eek:

- HuskyNan - 11-03-2002 04:12 PM

Yep, it was 61-14 and the starters were pulled at the end of the 1st half. FAU, the team is only it's second year of existance, kept shooting itself in the foot. On one play, Uconn kicked off after their TD and the FAU player didn't realize the kickoff was a live ball. The UConn special teams guy fell on it in FAU territory.

Very young, discombobulated team.

Next up, our 4th MAC team, Kent State. Maybe we'll get that MAC championship after all 03-wink

- SSJT - 11-03-2002 08:51 PM

We got smacked by FAU...I'd hate to have to face you guys.

- HuskyNan - 11-04-2002 07:11 AM

Florida Atlantic is now 0-8. Maybe you guys played Florida International?

Hey, hoops is right around the corner. Our women had their first exhibition last Friday and the guys play tonight. AND! our soccer teams are still playing. It's been a pretty good fall in HuskyNation.

- axeme - 11-04-2002 09:43 AM

[quote]Next up, our 4th MAC team, Kent State. Maybe we'll get that MAC championship after all

- HuskyNan - 11-04-2002 02:15 PM

It should be very interesting to see the Clash of the Sophomore Quarterbacks. Ours can be fabulous, exciting and wonderful on one play, the awful on the next. Although, he has improved as the season progresses.

Most of our star players are true or redshirt sophs and freshemen. Our best RB is a true freshman, the 33rd ranked one in DI with 103.6 yd/game average. He's been a big difference for us this year.

We Husky fans are happy the game is televised. Kent State has the distinction of playing the last game that UConn will play in the old Memorial Stadium. Next year we play at a new facility.

- UConnFan - 11-04-2002 07:55 PM


You forgot 2 other sports (the men's and women's hockey team) are playing!! Anyway, going to be at Memorial Stadium this Saturday?
Also, Terry Caully is ranked #2 in the nation as a freshman (OSU's Clarette is #1) running back.

UConnFan (aka HuskyDogArt)

- HuskyNan - 11-04-2002 09:28 PM

Terry is now the third ranked freshman. A kid named Matt Milton from Nevada snuck in and is the 31st ranked RB in the country. Still, a tremendous achievement.

- SSJT - 11-04-2002 09:49 PM

yeah, it was probably Florida Int'l.