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- DC_Clone - 08-04-2004 12:20 PM

From a post on the Temple board. Pretty heavy stuff here ! :ninja:

They had their first meeting two days ago. Here's what happened:

David Adamany: We're here to disucss the future of Temple athletics. Anybody want to say anything?

Dan Pollett: Just wanted to clear this up. Is Wilkie Subaru still going to be the official car for Temple football?

Howard Gittis: Yes, let's move on ...

Lewis Katz: Did you see that Walter Washington won the preseason poll for offensive player of the year in the Big East?

Pollett: That's great. I move we officially congratulate Walter Washington.

Katz: I second that motion.

Adamany: Who's Walter Washington?

Gittis: While we're patting people on the back, what a great job by the alumni in raising almost a million in less than two months for the new practice field.

Adamany: What was our record last year, 11-1?

Gittis: Err, that's 1-11.

Adamany: Whatever. I still contend that having a good football or basketball team has no impact whatsover on applications.

Katz: That's not supported by the facts. I'm reading here that after the 32-2 basketball season in 1988, applications to Temple increased by 29.8 percent from the previous season.

Adamany: That's not what I wanted to hear. I stand corrected then. Big deal.

Gittis: From what I see, football appears to be in pretty good shape. We're going to have the best offensive and defensive players in the Big East (according to Big East.org), our attendance was at a record high despite a 1-11 season, the alumni showed unprecedented interest in raising money for a practice field. The only thing we need to do now is win on the field and get in a conference.

Pollett: Since there's nothing we can do about those things now, I move that we table talk about football until next year and go on to the next subject.

Katz: Yes, what can we do about getting those Beyonce Knowles' Pepsi commercials off our broadcasts ......

Pollett: I move that we adjorn and take lunch at Cartucci's on Liacouras Row.......

Gittis:Is the bar big enough there, or should we go to the Draught Horse?

:wave: Goodbye for now.