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- georgia_tech_swagger - 02-13-2003 07:07 PM

Yes, there is an ***load of pics out there like this one:

[Image: cokehead.jpg]

and this one:

[Image: clank.jpg]

and this one:

[Image: deargod.jpg]


Well - the New Graemlins section is being replaced with a more comprehensive section named "Funnies"

If you have some particularly funny pics making fun of a team, or just some good pics to have handy to post once in awhile, please e-mail them to funnies@ncaabbs.com

If there is alot of pics regarding one team... for example the flood of pics I've already gotten about Duke and Georgia... I will give them their own funnies section. Consider it to be a stockpile of argumental arms if you will. 03-lol

So - if you want NCAAbbs to host some goodies for you, get them into funnies@ncaabbs.com or be left out.

Show some creativity folks!